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How To Get Passive Income Without MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

Many people say that passive income MLM follow-up and the search for new members will be rich without the need to keep working if members breed. But the truth is not so because the passive income is income derived from sources not only from other business MLM but we do not manage directly.
Simple example of passive income that is if we have many houses and then we rented that house or contracted out to other people. Since we are busy then we give another person authority to manage them as our brother, then rents or profits from these contracts could be referred to as passive income.
Some ways to get passive income:
1. From Property
Renting land, houses, shop houses, buildings and other property which can bring long lasting benefits without requiring us to work hard every day. Most only use the services of brokers advertise property or later who want to rent a property we will contact you.

2. From Ads
If we have a website / web site is busy we can advertise a lot to offer. If we put our website on a free blog or web services then we live to enjoy the results without having to diligently update the contents therein.

3. From Royalties
If we become songwriter, movie producer, a franchise holder of property rights, artists, etc. that allow us to
royalty-so without having a lot of work we can be lucky if someone else likes the source of the royalties.

4. Retirement
It’s wonderful when we retired civil servants, armed forces or national police because we will be able to retire money every month without working. When we die our wives could also still be able to retirement. The term cools “job is not salaried.”

5. Interest / Profit Sharing Dividend
If we save money in the bank, any shares, deposits, bonds, etc. then we can be tidy profit without working. Moreover, we have a lot of money because of automatic interest or profit sharing would be great too. But when compared with the inflation rate of interest or for the results usually is not anything, just as the bank only a consolation prize.

6. From Business
If you have the money overflowing then usually people will go to the business and when he told someone else to manage it can be told the benefits of passive income. But there is a risk that must be paid if we do not run their own business because it could be the person we believe it’s cheating that could harm our business or running their own business also did not correspond with what we want.