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How to Select a Good Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Business

Though sometimes underestimated, the reality of business networks such as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) has given birth to many millionaires. Well, for you who are interested in MLM business, there are a few tips to choose a good MLM:
1. Products and Services
Products and services must be exclusive and its benefit is greater than the price offered. Exclusive here means the product can not be obtained elsewhere.

2. Compensation System Plan
When we are very, very diligently, one day we may not work (after our hard work in the beginning) and we have a passive income. With passive income does not need to work again, no money is kept inside. And also can be inherited, and relatively profitable for the owner and running.

3. Training
The existence of a regular trainings to develop the motivation and skills (leadership, shelling skills, communication skills, etc.).

MLM because people can choose above or in combination can be one of the above.

Avoid business Multi Level Marketing (MLM) that:

1. Money Game business

Money Game is meant no products or services such as gathering chain. Or there are products and services but only as image (products or services are actually cheaper, but sold at a very high price).

2. Compensation Plan applying pyramid

The point is logically appear in the system, those who register first will always be richer than those who register later, although the latter work harder. Moreover there is the character of re-entry, point in the system we will automatically re-registered under our downline if already reached a certain number of referrals.