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Steps to Start a Business During Ramadan

If you are interested in starting a business in the month of Ramadan, should prepare from now. Three weeks, enough time to prepare a variety of needs.

Begin with a capital
At this stage, of course, you can determine the appropriate type of business segments being targeted. So even with the variation of the goods or services in accordance with market tastes. An important first step is to find suppliers. Choose suppliers that provide the most competitive price. Even so, do not just choose a competitive price, product quality must also be maintained. Next calculate the initial investment cost, selling price levels according to market segments, and make the business capital schemes. You have one week to run this early stage.

Continue with the production and promotion
If you choose to market their homemade products, start producing. If the supply from other parties, prepare initial stock of product. Next, prepare promotional materials products, beginning with product photos. This photo material you can use for brochures or leaflets. Skills required at this stage to advertise. You need to create a headline that sells. Prepare the appropriate words, which represent your product. Start by browsing or observation of your surroundings.

If the promotional materials are ready, add with attractive offers. look to competitors, what they do to sell their products. You need to be more creative to create more selling other offers, including promotional packages. If you already run a business, collect customer database. Prospective buyer or collect data, such as friends, relatives, or your relationships, for your new start business. If you dare to pitch, you also need to prepare a human resource that helps your business processes. Do all these stages in a period of one week. Create a time line so that all the schedules run well.

On promotion, including cooperation
Start by contacting prospect data or customer data because of time ahead of Ramadan is getting closer. Perform this activity one week before Ramadan arrives. Spread leaflets in the center of the gathering of potential market segments to be the next step. Social networks or the Internet to market products can also be an option.

Before the coming of the fasting month, should prepare samples if you are in the form of food products. So, consumers have the opportunity to taste the flavor and quality of your food product or beverage. Access to other markets that you can get is a bazaar and exhibitions during Ramadan. Should begin to collect information on such activities and sign up before your competitors seized.

Outsmart the competition during Ramadan can also be done by building partnerships. Promotion of cooperation can be done with a similar business whose market. For example, by buying your product by values of certain expenditures, consumers can get discounts on product purchases in your partner. That way, you and your business partners can help each other market their products.

Ramadan business opportunities nearer the time, prepared within three weeks before. Have a nice business!

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