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Six Steps to Start Food Business

1. Introduction and Assessment

Do the introduction and exploration of the environment on a small scale, such as the type of food / cake what will be offered and liked the environment, the current trend is a popular food because the seller usually follow the market taste. Many of the early steps starting from a wide range of food, until finally there was only one type of food at the market appetite enjoy doing, such as independent case, Amanda steamed brownies and so forth.

2. Must Delicious

After the market appetite we hold, the next step is the quality of taste. Do not hesitate to do some experiments in order to taste the food you keep awake, surely it can not be separated from good quality raw materials.

3. Interesting Views

Taste delicious and tasty but unattractive appearance also inhibits lho customer purchasing power. Remember, the customer before buying would be seen from the first appearance, no matter how tasty food if bad how the presentation would have been fatal.

4. Service

Customers are king. yes, it is not just a slogan only. Maybe between us never buy food / cake is delicious but bad service! Do not count on customers coming back. Therefore give the best service you have. Many ways, among others, the quality, taste, cleanliness, delivery on time, show a sympathetic attitude, a friendly greeting, a smile sincere. This is a business law in interacting with customers.

5. Do Campaign

To promote a wide variety of food / cake. Starting from disseminating brochures, business cards, giving free samples to try and one that is very influential
word of mouth promotion. Testimony was extremely effective. But if without the support of brochures, business cards and so forth do not necessarily reflect the professionalism of good business.

6. Finance

Income and expenditure in managing the business of food / cake can be done in various ways, ranging from the most conventional way is the note in the book / agenda and with the bookkeeping in a way that is sophisticated computer systems. The basic remain the same good record income and expenditure and do not mix personal finances with your business governance.

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