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Entrepreneurial Character Must be Built Early

Persistence and the ability to see opportunity in an entrepreneurial character representing that need to be grown from the outset. Especially to adolescents, to be ready to enter the next era. Chance to continue higher education do not possess all of the young. Therefore, the spirit of entrepreneurship needs to be built since high school.

Entrepreneurs build not just talking about access to finance. Entrepreneurial spirit and character need to be built early, though later applications through a variety of ways besides being a businessperson or social entrepreneur, for example.

Have the tenacity, ready to face challenges, smart in the circumstances and opportunities, creatively, to think more open and less compartmentalized compartmentalized, or think out of the box, are some of the most prominent entrepreneurial character. Anyone can have an entrepreneurial character like this.

Education of entrepreneur which is part of the CSF program concept was built 20 years ago in America and adapted in each country. In Indonesia, activities that focus on education was held since eight years ago to build a robust entrepreneurial character.

Soul or character of entrepreneurship needed because the world continues to grow. In the era of globalization in the future, young children need to have the entrepreneurial spirit like this.

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