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CSR Corporate Business Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the company’s business strategy to survive in society. Because, with the CSR, the company hopes will benefit future investment. According to the CSR Director Trisakti University of Mary R Nindita Radyanti, CSR is an investment company in the long-term strategic fit and is a core business.

Not just a public relations or marketing tool, but as a series of production management, resource until marketing.Basically, in taking firm decisions aimed at achieving internal welfare welfare first and then spread out. Here, CSR is a voluntary activity (voluntary) to communities outside the company. In some countries, CSR is done to smooth the business and should be reported as a form of supervision. if supervision is tight there is no room for any company to claim to have provided benefits to the community.

CSR is the company’s strategy to increase public appreciation to the company, building characteristics (brand), and sustainable production capacity. CSR implementation based on ISO 26 000 which is used as the standard of many countries. The concept of CSR organized various stakeholders (multi-stakeholders) based on the applicable law according to culture and community conditions.

CSR implementation there should be no government intervention because of its voluntary and include the company’s commitment. CSR should not be made on one type of company, but certain fields and industries. CSR needs to be done to certain sectors and industries associated with a particular field is not only limited liability. Thus, there is no case in which the company incurring penalties, but generally in the company are not subject to similar sanctions. Hikmanto also questioned the commitment Dephukham supervision because there is no special institution in charge of oversight of CSR.

Implementation of CSR requires a prerequisite and a gradual and before all imposed, there must first scholarship study whether CSR can be applied. CSR should be done by sector or by state-owned enterprises minister’s decision.

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