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How To Do Marketing With Integrity

Playing games can get a lot of fun, how we play games, with games often reflects the true nature of our assumptions about how we do business. We always have a choice. We can make it win-lose or win-win. Head in the business of playing games involving lying, cheating, hidden agendas, customer or employee exploitation, and the like. Often this behavior is to find the essence must be true, for control or to illustrate a particular image. On the other hand, involves playing with integrity to create a situation where both you and your customers win. Everyone has their needs met and enjoy success. This involves cooperation, kindness, a service attitude and behavior that support the other. There is much truth the phrase, “It does not matter whether you win or lose by how to play this game.”

How do you intend to play the game when it went into marketing and serving your customers? Here are some tips for creating a win-win game.

1. Keep it simple.
You’ll attract more prospects by making your marketing messages easy to understand. Currently, more than ever, people are inundated with marketing and advertising messages. There are so many who come to them that they finally admitted it was very small. If the message you are long or difficult to understand, the prospect of not going through the first few words, whether they read or listen to it. Instead, use simple words, making the process simple to follow (no more than three steps), and by all means, make it easy for them to contact you to provide contact information. By keeping your communication clear, simple, and easy to understand, you will attract people to your business.

2. Make a profit and profit.
Make sure everything you do to give victory to you and win for the customer. You “win” may be a product or service, good intentions, directives, or publicity. For customers, it was clear they were “lucky” will enjoy the products or services you provide to them. If you want to take your business to the next level, providing additional “victory” for the client or customer. Give them a special discount to their long time. Offering free samples or provide a special report or other information they would find useful and which they will consider it.

3. Have fun.
Marketing should be fun. Not just because it makes your business run much more fun, the people who interact with marketing messages you will find it find it interesting. Everyday life we are often so serious and orderly. Lighten your business using techniques that cheerful, fun, and that will put a smile on someone’s face. This is certainly one way to make yourself seen and heard among thousands of marketing messages that inundate us every day.

4. To be honest with yourself.
Your marketing must resonate with whom you interact. It must be in synchronicity with the attitudes, beliefs and your standards for doing business. Just as there are rules for playing games, there are certain rules which you must conduct your business. This is a personal and unique to you. Whatever they are, people will feel when you are in or out of integrity with what you say. Being true to yourself makes all become comfortable and secure in yourself and believe that whatever you produce with the way marketing is what is “right” for you at that time. Trust who you are and what you do – and others.

5. Enjoy creativity.
We usually associate the play with taking a break from reality. This is a time for relaxing and the world does not care about it. Often, it is time that we find ourselves to be the most creative. Company or organization that relies heavily on creativity (corporate advertising, public relations, consumer products) often use the game to keep their employees creativity flowing. If you are doing business as the game approaches, think about your marketing from the perspective of a fun and funny, you’ll find that the level of creativity you will automatically increase.

6. Create games that support your business.
Did you know you can make a game based on your business? Say you’re a financial planner. You can make a simple game where people earn points based on activities that promote saving. You can give them a simple piece of paper to track their progress. You can run the game for a certain time, then ask them to encourage their progress report (game pieces) to redeem it for a product (an ebook, special report), or even a discount on their next hour consultation. If you are a personal trainer, you can create a day-to-day game where points earned depends on the client complete the exercise. Depending on the level of achievement, you can give a nice gift such as step gauges, healthy recipes, or some health-related products. Most people like games because they are a welcome challenge. Use this challenge to create more appeal for your business!

7. Playing with other people.
Playing with others is part of what makes them so fun. This is a time to gather with friends or colleagues to simply have fun. You can do this in business too. By creating alliances or partnerships with others, we can create situations where everyone can benefit. Maybe we can create a program or a new product or maybe we can jointly lead a group discussion or lecture. Not only can you learn a lot by working with others, you can also expand business offerings, improve the prospects of the network, and all have fun at the same time.

8. Play nice.
Everything, including the game you play, it’s much better when you can play beautiful. The same thing applies to your business. You need to realize that everyone is well your customers, your colleagues and your vendors. You must be friendly, courteous and respectful of all people. What you give, you also get to eat.

9. Played a better game.
In business, you play a better game when you are in the top position, delivering to customers or clients. Submission of more is about providing more than expected. You may provide clients with three training sessions per month. You give more by giving them an extra half hour every three months. Or you could consider providing examples of new products you’ve developed or a discount on a new program or provide courses. Maybe as simple as sending thank you cards to them for their business or send a booklet or other prizes if time or circumstances may call for it. How you can provide more of your customers or clients to expect results? Play a beautiful game that will give more that you expect.

10. Playing Fair.
By following the rules of the game, everyone felt safe and they can really enjoy themselves. In business, products or services that guarantee may be considered as “rules”. Although not mandatory that you provide one, the prospect will feel more comfortable buying from you if they know that you will take care of them. Keeping your promise to customers is another type of a rule. After going through on your promise to provide products or services is one way to create loyalty, trust, and strong relationships with your customers.