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Tips for working at Home

There is a different routine for those who previously worked in the office, then decided to work at home. On the one hand, is much better because it was close to the child. But, there are some preparations that need to be done, you know! The following suggestions P Diah Paramita, Psi, Msi, a psychologist from Jagadnita Consulting:

1. Mental.

Be strong mentally to face the conditions and all the events that will occur in the home environment, for example, faced neighbors who like girl talk and so forth.

2. People at Home

Prepare also the mentality of the house if the lady of the house was no longer working in an office.

3. Money

Prepare yourself for the change in income. Prepare mentally to accept the inclusion of many, but at other times there may be no income at all.

4. Plan

Do it again with a family plan, what should be changed when going to open the own business.

5. Science

You have to keep up to date information and knowledge. Staying at home does not mean to say anything, you know!

6. Networking

Construct and expand your networking.

7. Target

Set targets for your business are not the road in places.

8. Time. Do not just because work at home so forgotten by time. Set the time between work, children and husband.

1. Must love with the job selected.
2. Focus on areas that were taken.
3. Be patience and diligence.
4. Have a wide networking or networking.
5. Do a lot of innovation, creation, and renewal.
6. Do not quickly give up.
7. Go directly to find out the plus-minus effort built.
8. The possibility of getting more material there is in plain sight.
9. If you feel bored, do the old hobby. Or, deepen their knowledge by reading a book themed enlightenment and self-motivation.
10. Should not be complacent at all that the client does not run.