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Strategy of Business to Get Wider Customers

Having wider customers from many level of society is surely being very important to expand our business. In doing so, as the business actors, we need to have the strategy of business which can lead us to get customers. But, before we develop our strategy of business further, we need to realize and comprehend these four basic elements in business when marketing both products and services, those are the selling the right product, selling at the right place, selling in the right place, and selling by using the suitable and effective promotion.

Those are very crucial in arranging the strategy of business since you need to know properly the product you will sell, the products need to have the right features, they must look good and work well; the price must be right means that you have to decide the price that is able to give you profit but acceptable for the customers, in special occasion the customers will buy your products in large numbers to produce a healthy profit; the goods also must be in the right place at the right time, make sure that your products will arrive to you and your customers punctually; and lastly certainly how you will sell your products to the people with a good promotion.

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