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Three Common Mistakes in Managing Money

There are many things you can not control in this world, such as the stock market is always moving to fluctuate. However, for a number of things such as personal cash flow, you actually can control.

The problem is, most people unconsciously sabotage their own bank accounts. As a result, long-term financial security became threatened. So, whatever the financial mistakes commonly done by women?
Do not pay attention
Financial experts have called ‘financial vagueness’ alias financial obscurity. Basically, the condition that means you do not know where did the money. When it feels comfortable life, you probably do not want to get too dizzy financial control. But,
ignorance that can make you do not have a plan to get the things you want in life.

The solution, you need to set a specific goal. Living without a purpose just as the race without a finish point. Most women know the weight and how many pounds of weight dream that should be eliminated, but they do not know how much money it takes to live in the future.

Start by writing a short-term goals and your long-term. Short-term goals such as mortgages, heavy tools, and holidays. While long-term goals such as retirement fund savings. Determine how much funding is needed, and create a monthly savings plan.

Delaying saving

No matter what kind of future economic conditions, those who open accounts pension funds in their twenties, can get the final result more than double those new to open pension fund account in their thirties. So start investing than today.

Also, do not forget to open an account for emergency funds in case something bad happens to you. For example, fired from jobs. Having an emergency fund account means you can still make a living for at least six months to a year ahead. According to Joseph A. Leonard. CEO of Coastal Investment Advisors, financial experts advises you to have savings worth at least nine times salary.

Wrong pay debts

Prioritizing pay your credit card debt. If you have several credit card accounts must be settled, begin by paying a credit card that comes closest to the limit because it is harmful to your credit score. After the amount was reduced to half of the credit limit or smaller, start paying credit card interest rate

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